Textarea outline just black on Chrome

so I'm trying to finish up my portfolio website and I'm stuck on this dreaded contact form.

So here's my webpage.. www.heatherkirk.net/contact.php

On Chrome and (I'm guessing Safari since those two are the similar it seems), the textarea box looks different than compared to other browsers. I'm just wondering how to get the darker color on top and the lighter color throughout on the Comments part for Chrome instead of just the black outline. If anyone could help me out, I'd be grateful!


Well, Chrome's property inspector (right click, Inspect Element) says your inputs have border: 2px inset, and your textarea has border: 1px solid. Try changing that?

Firefox's property inspector doesn't show any value for border at all for the textarea, though, so that (and looking through your stylesheet) leads me to think that you've applied border-radius, but haven't set a border for your textarea at all; it just happens that Firefox's default textarea has a 2px inset border, and Webkit's (Chrome/Safari) has a 1px black one.

Add a border: 2px inset to your textarea style, and that should suffice.

When you remove the border-radius the black outline disappears.

But if you need to keep the rounded corners, then just add border-width:0px to the textarea style.

Like the user above mentioned, when you just have border:solid 1px; the default color is black, adjust that a bit.

set border:0 none; to your textarea in css

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