Can RHQ Slow down system?

We have installed RHQ monitoring system From that time our program started to slow down. It happens every day at 9:20~30 AM. Can RHQ slow down system? Because our admin claims that the RHQ can not slow down the system :)

System consist of:

  • Openfire 3.7.1
  • JbossEAP 5.1
  • Postgresql 9.0


If it happens every day at the same time, monitor what the machine is doing at this time. The output of "top", "vmstat" and "iotop" would probably be a good start.

Check the different metrics that are being gathered by RHQ. One thought could be that several metrics are being gathered at exactly the same time (which happens to be 9:20) and that is causing a bit of a slow down.

Is the slow down on only one server or are you monitoring multiple servers?

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