How to convert .wav to .mp3 using Java?

I am looking for a library (.jar) which help me to convert sound file from .wav format to .mp3 format. Infact i want to write an application which reads .wav file from a specified location in linux, convert it to mp3 and save it in DB.

Kindly suggest any opensource java library which serve this purpose.

waiting for your feedback.


Amir Iqbal


JAVE (Java Audio Video Encoder) library is what you are looking for:

The JAVE (Java Audio Video Encoder) library is Java wrapper on the ffmpeg project. Developers can take take advantage of JAVE to transcode audio and video files from a format to another. In example you can transcode an AVI file to a MPEG one, you can change a DivX video stream into a (youtube like) Flash FLV one, you can convert a WAV audio file to a MP3 or a Ogg Vorbis one, you can separate and transcode audio and video tracks, you can resize videos, changing their sizes and proportions and so on. Many other formats, containers and operations are supported by JAVE.

One of the easiest API found on github supports almost all formats but it will increase your APK Size

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