How to change the label color of a Primefaces/jqPlot line chart?

I have a simple JSF line chart that uses PrimeFaces (via jqPlot) library:

<p:lineChart id="linear"
             title="Lap Times" 
             yaxisLabel="Time (sec)"
             style="height:300px;width:600px" /> 

However, I want to change the title and X/Y label colors of the chart. I can't seem to find the right combination of CSS to make this happen. For example, the following DOES NOT work:

.jqplot-xaxis {
     /* skin */
     font-family: Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans, Arial, sans-serif; 
     color: white ! important;
     font-size: 90%;

Any thoughts?


This is exactly what I use for the title and X/Y labels of my charts:

    color: #eeffdd;
    color: #eeccaa; 
    color: #eeccaa;

The setting of the .jqplot-xaxis class works fine it only changes the ticks of the xaxis. you can test it quickly by setting e.g. font-size: 20px;

As Boro illustrates in his comments to his answer above, when using CanvasAxisLabelRenderer you need to use:

labelOptions: {textColor: '#eeccaa'}

in the xaxis or yaxis object block (same place you're referencing the labelRenderer):

  label: 'Your Label'
  labelRenderer: $.jqplot.CanvasAxisLabelRenderer,
  labelOptions: {textColor: '#eeccaa'},

Just thought it would be good to highlight this rather than have it hide in a comment.

Thanks Boro!

for my work this code

 axes: {
     xaxis: {
          borderColor: "#aa2626",
          tickOptions: {
             textColor: '#aa2626'

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