Clearing screen using scrollbars (Java)

I was going through this thread and I was wondering, if maybe we could use the scroll-bars to do that?

How to Use Scroll Panes describes how to do things using scroll bars. If I am making a terminal based application using Java for a Linux OS, then can't I use code that will move the terminal knob/scrollbar move down further? I mean, that is how even the BASH "clear" works, right? So, maybe this console-based Java app can move the console scroll down and pretend to clear the screen?

Now, my problem is that I am unable to find any class within this "Scroll Pane API" documentation that would help me do that. If anyone has worked with this API before can help me, it would be much appreciated!


..maybe we could use the scroll-bars to do that?

No. You cannot 'wrap the CLI in a JScrollPane (or add any JScrollBar instances)'. It is a native component that is outside the control (beyond textual output) of Java.

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