Conditional compilation error/warning when using razor syntax in javascript (cc_on does not exist in this context)

I am using Razor syntax in an ASP.NET MVC3 View inside a JavaScript code but I get a "conditional compilation is off" warning. I searched for it and found out that using /*@cc_on @*/ before the code turns it on. But I get an error "The name 'cc_on' does not exist in the current context". Any ideas? Where exactly am I supposed to give /*@cc_on @*/ ?

Sample Code:

<script type ="text/javascript">
          - some multi-line comment stuff here
          - apparently the at signs cause syntax errors --argh!


Let me just guess... Try the following:

/*@("@cc_on @")*/


@("/*@cc_on @*/")

whatever you prefer

I hope it's correct Razor syntax. An idea is to render this value as a string as @ is used by razor (in your case compiler thinks that you want to output @cc_on variable which isn't declared)

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