How do test my inapppurchase in iTunes connect

i am working in inapp-purchase in iOS sdk and i am complete all steps like create app in iTunes and non-consumable app in manage-inapppurchase on iTunes app status is Waiting for upload like below screen shot:

and my inappurchase status is ready to submit

code wise inapp-purchase functionality completed,but,i am tested my app is SKProductsRequest returns no product found...!

my main app bundle id like com.mycompany.myapp ,

and my in-app bundle id like com.mycompany.paidapp.

how do they test the inapp purchase steps to can any one guide me,please..!

my sample code is here:

- (void)loadStore {

    if ([SKPaymentQueue canMakePayments]) {
        NSLog(@"Parental-controls are disabled");

        request = [[SKProductsRequest alloc] initWithProductIdentifiers:[NSSet setWithObject:@"com.mycompany.paidapp"]];
        //request.delegate = self;
        [request setDelegate:self];
        [request start];

    else {
        NSLog(@"Parental-controls are enabled");


- (void)productsRequest:(SKProductsRequest *)request didReceiveResponse:(SKProductsResponse *)response {

    SKProduct *validProduct = nil;
    int count = [response.products count];
    if (count > 0) 
        validProduct = [response.products objectAtIndex:0];
        NSLog(@"Products found!");
        [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:kProductsLoadedNotification object:@"Product Found..!"];

    } else if (!validProduct) 
        NSLog(@"No products available");
        [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:kProductsLoadedNotification object:@"Product Not Found..!"];



command prompt returns nslog always below output:

No products available


for testing the in-App you can create an AppID along with some In-App contents, before releasing the app u should check it well.

For that reason the policy what I follow is as followed: 1. First upload an app. 2. Add in app contents. 3. Reject the binary by yourself. Once you are ok with your In-App testing then reload the new binary to iTunes.

Hope this helps.

Application Bundle name and iTunes application bundle name should be same. and product must be exist on iTunes. Try below code:

[productIdentifierList addObject:@"CB001"];
[productIdentifierList addObject:@"CB002"];
[productIdentifierList addObject:@"CB003"];

        SKProductsRequest *request = [[SKProductsRequest alloc] initWithProductIdentifiers:[NSSet setWithArray:productIdentifierList]];
        request.delegate = self;
        [request start];

CB001, CB002 is your product id on your iTunes.

It Works fine for me.

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