cannot edit cell in datagrid WPF

I've a DataGrid in my view binded to an ObservableCollection<>. The binding works.

The problem is that I cannot edit any cell and don't understand why...

Here is my XAML :

<DataGrid ItemsSource="{Binding ClientSpecifications, Mode=TwoWay}" />

Only this. Nothing more. But it doesn't work. I'm working with WPF, .NET4, EF.


According to this article: Overview of the editing features in the WPF DataGrid

The datagrid uses IEditableCollectionView<T> (which ObservableCollection<T> implements) - but in order for objects to be editable, you need to make sure that your object T has implemented the IEditableObject Interface. Once you do this, the Datagrid will recognize the collection items as editable and allow you to change them within the grid.

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