Add forming before saving and validation without encumbering "validate?"

I have a before_validation callback that reformats one of the entries. I need it to run before validation, to be sure, that formatted output was parsed correctly. But as far as I understand each time I call valid? to check if data is ok, the entry will be reformatted. Can I do this another way, because on valid? I just want to check if all the fields are valid and not change something.


this looks really similar to this one: Rails model validation on create and update only

You can do

before_validation(:on => :create) do
  reformat #method call, not a symbol
before_validation(:on => :update) do
  reformat #method call, not a symbol

but it still runs for me when I call valid?. Not sure why though, because that's not in the context of creating or updating, so I feel like Rails lies to us in this case.

If you could make it into a before_save, then it should work, since that runs after validation. You said you need to validate that it's still ok when you reformat, so maybe add a new method to validate the reformatting, and do

before_save :reformat, :validate_reformatting

or add the sanity check at the end of your method that you use to reformat.

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