Xcode how to add an external project

I need to add an external project to my Xcode project, the reason for this is I need to add a Target Dependency on that external projects static library.

I can't seem to add it in the way I need, I would like it like this:

However, when I add another project to my actual Xcode project I get the following which doesn't let me explore that project from my one and so I can't add the dependency I need.

Note that these screenshots are from two different projects, and in the one which is showing me what I want to reproduce in my own project, dragging in multiple projects works as expected.

Maybe I have some settings set up wrong in my project ? All I've done is take a template detail-master application from Xcode.


You did it right. The problem is that Xcode cannot have the same project opened twice.

Close Serenity.xcodeproj before reopening your parent project.

Yes, this is possible, it's called a workspace.

In your example:

  • Open both of your projects
  • Drag the Serenity project into the Dependant project

I think what you are doing wrong is dragging the Xcodeproj, try opening that project and dragging the project block instead (see pic)

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