Jquery Basic Portlet

I am listing students at my web page. I want to list their information something like:


However the portlets will be same size, no need for edit close buttons. I just want to show their names at every title of portlets. Also no need to be draggable or sortable. I just want to have good ui effect at my divs and wants that title for every portlet(I don't know well designing a CSS, so a library will be better for me instead of trying to get good colors)Also putting a minimize button may be good.

Is there any plugin like that at Jquery?


You can use a jQuery UI theme CSS file along with properly formatted html.


Best option for you is to try out some CSS. You can use float: left|right to organize them in that grid way, round the corners with either images or simpler (but not cross-compatible), border-radius.

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