Update a classes attribute from within a controller

So I have an array of items, which I am iterating through and grabbing each item individually. I would like to update the values of a few of the items attributes. I have attempted this like so:

  if @request.status = 'Approved'
    session[:item_ids].each do |item_id|
    item = Item.where(:id => item_id)
    item.checked_out = item.requested
    item.quantity = item.quantity - item.checked_out
    item.requested = 1

This doesn't work unfortunately and has been throwing the error:

undefined method `requested' for #<ActiveRecord::Relation:0x007fd01e6ae2a8>

requested is most definitely an attribute of the item class, so I have no idea why I can't update these values. Any help would be much appreciated!


where returns a collection-like relation object, not Item object.

Try this:

item = Item.where(:id => item_id).first

I am actually surprised that it didn't fail earlier.

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