Update a JQuery progressbar using WCF Duplex callbacks?

I have a fairly straightforward WCF duplex service hosted on IIS (.NET 4.x)

One particular service method is long running (1-3 minutes), and when this method is triggered by the client, I would like to provide visual feedback to the user via a JQuery progressbar on the page that updates based on an integer value passed during multiple callbacks.

I am open to moving away from a duplex implementation, but it seemed like the logical approach at the time...

What is the best way to go about this, keeping in mind that I would like to minimize overhead, and also avoid introducing more technologies like silverlight (though I realize this is a perfectly viable solution for this problem).

Specifically, some code examples might be helpful. Also note that I am new to both JQuery and WCF.

I wasn't sure what other information to offer to make this question more clear, so if you require more information, please ask and I will amend the original question.


This is not feasible using standard WCF without moving to Silverlight as you would need to use a polling duplex channel at the browser.

There was an AJAX implementation of the client side of the PollingDuplex protocol done some time ago, which would allow you to have your client progress bar update in response to progress updates from the server (sort of - it still needs the client to poll). Not sure if it works with the latest version of PollingDuplex.

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