How can i hardcode an SQLite Database for an Android app

I' m developing an Android app wich requires me to use a Database. After reading a while, i' ve decided to use an SQLite database, i started reading how do i should work with it, but every book/tutorial/etc... develop an Updatable database by allowing the user to add information to it. (like a diary or a running time record app style). I just need to create (i mean, like hardcoding) my database and query it. My database will not be updatable by user side. I' m pretty sure it should be an easy/dummy way to do it but i'm not finding it yet. So, if anyone can help me, it would be awesome. ;)

Thanks. Amet.


Please check the following link: SQLite database tutorial with DAO and Content Provider.

You need only 2 classes:

  • The database class (4.3. Database and Data Model):

public class MySQLiteHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper {

public static final String TABLE_COMMENTS = "comments";
public static final String COLUMN_ID = "_id";
public static final String COLUMN_COMMENT = "comment";

private static final String DATABASE_NAME = "commments.db";
private static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 1;

// Database creation sql statement
private static final String DATABASE_CREATE = "create table "
        + TABLE_COMMENTS + "(" + COLUMN_ID
        + " integer primary key autoincrement, " + COLUMN_COMMENT
        + " text not null);";

    // Database creation sql statement
private static final String TABLE_CREATE = "CREATE TABLE tablename....."

public MySQLiteHelper(Context context) {
    super(context, DATABASE_NAME, null, DATABASE_VERSION);

public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase database) {

public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) {
    // You don't need this. If you don't change the DATABASE_VERSION value then this method will not be called.


  • DAO

public class CommentsDataSource {

// Database fields
private SQLiteDatabase database;
private MySQLiteHelper dbHelper;
private String[] allColumns = { MySQLiteHelper.COLUMN_ID,
        MySQLiteHelper.COLUMN_COMMENT };

public CommentsDataSource(Context context) {
    dbHelper = new MySQLiteHelper(context);

public void open() throws SQLException {
    database = dbHelper.getWritableDatabase();

public void close() {

public List<Comment> getAllComments() {
    List<Comment> comments = new ArrayList<Comment>();

    Cursor cursor = database.query(MySQLiteHelper.TABLE_COMMENTS,
            allColumns, null, null, null, null, null);

    while (!cursor.isAfterLast()) {
        Comment comment = cursorToComment(cursor);
    // Make sure to close the cursor
    return comments;

private Comment cursorToComment(Cursor cursor) {
    Comment comment = new Comment();
    return comment;


  • BUT I suggest you to check the Content provider example as well (8.4. Create ContentProvider). It is not complicated at all.

You could use SQLiteOpenHelper's onCreate method to execute the sql needed to create your database. The sql could either be hard coded or read in from a file. Doing it this way would allow you initialize the database when the application is first ran.

Another option would be to use a tool such as SQLite Database Browser

This is a desktop application that you can use to build the sqlite database. Once you've created it you'll have to decide how to deploy it. I've never tried doing this but I imagine you could bundle it in your resource folder and then move it into the correct directory when the app first runs after being installed.

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