sass-rails asset pipeline: generating image paths incorrectly; `url(/images/blah.png)` instead of `url(/assets/blah.png)`

In section 2.2.2, "CSS and Sass", I'm told to put image-url('delete.png') in my sass. And so I have.

However, it is generating CSS like

background-image: url(/images/delete.png)

instead of the thing that I'm told everywhere it should be generating, the correct and obvious thing,

background-image: url(/assets/delete.png)

What. The heck.

I have spent literal days trying to figure out where this is coming from.

Here's a gist of relevant settings that are resulting in this behavior. Here's a gist of the same files in an earlier version of our code base (right after we implemented the asset pipeline and it actually worked for about a week before this frustrating behavior popped up). Can you spot the differences? Any other files you can think of that might be causing this?

  • We're purposely using an older version of sass-rails because a newer version was causing Stack level too deep! errors when precompiling.
  • We're using Compass.

Two hackish attempts at workarounds

Because actually troubleshooting the asset pipeline kinda sucks.

1: Put images in /images

I attempted to just move all of the images to public/images and add that as a load path. This worked in dev (images are accessible at either /assets or /images), but precompiling for production puts the fingerprinted images in /assets only (obvs), so when sass-rails puts in url(/imagse/delete-120398471029384102364.png), it can't be found.

2: Make /public/images a symlink to /public/assets

This would probably work in production, but in development the /assets folder doesn't exist, so the url(/images/delete.png) directives result in unfound images.


If you do not have this already, name your css file *.css.scss (as opposed to .sass - if you do this, you might need to adjust the syntax of some statements). Then use the image_path helper instead of image-path, e.g.:


I expect this to solve your issue. If it does not, what is the asset path generated by this approach for you?

This looks to be due to your version of sass-rails (3.1.0). I can reproduce your problem (thanks for posting the Gemfile) and it goes away when bumping to sass-rails 3.1.4.

Try upgrading to 3.1.4 and clearing tmp/cache. Also make sure you're not hitting any browser caches.

I know you said 3.1.4 was causing other problems... have you tried higher versions?

It really looks like this issue: If so you should try to find the good combination of versions between Compass and Sass-rails.

And maybe upgrade everything (Rails included) to latest versions, it's still the best way to do (use bundle outdated command in bundler 1.2 to know what Gems to upgrade)

This is our combo of haml-rails, compass and sass-rails. We're running rails 3.2.6 though. This has worked well for us.

gem 'compass', git: 'git://', ref: '3a4c5c75dca9f07f6edf2f0898a4626269e0ed62'

gem 'haml-rails', git: 'git://', ref: '92c41db61f20a9f122de25bc73e5045cfccdbcd5'

gem 'sass-rails', '~> 3.2.5'

Not necessarily a solution, but certainly an available option: If you're open to using compass spriting, you'll cut down on the number of http requests and be able to manually specify your image path with a sprite map, ie '$sprites: sprite-map("PATH/*.png");'

Sanity check the file in your current asset pipepline. Check that it's in one of the directories listed in here:

<%= debug Rails.application.config.assets.paths %>

Next check at what relative path compass expects to find the image ( and see if it mat. According to the Compass config docs, one of these should tell you:

<%= debug config.compass.http_images_path %>
<%= debug config.compass.http_generated_images_path %>

I'm guessing it's the first one. Either way, compare their path to your image's asset_path:

<%= debug asset_path 'delete.png' %>

If the paths don't match, maybe you need to adjust the path in your environment configs (development.rb, ...) to this for example:

config.compass.http_images_path = '/assets.

Alternatively, you could move the image to where http_images_path or the http_generated_images_path expect to find it.

At the point, asset_path/asset_url (which are much less brittle than hardcoding) should hopefully work. I based this off of a similar technique I saw for stylesheets,

For me,

Changing image_path to image-path worked for .scss. Later on, I changed to image_path again and it's working fine now.

Deleting cache didnt help me.

After I edited my .scss file (added a space) and reload the page I got right result. After I removed the space it worked correctly.

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