How to catch touch events in javascript in Chrome and MSIE10 using touch screen

I want my web application to work using draggable objects on Windows devices with touch screen but the new Chrome and new MSIE 10 do not let me use the dragging developed for mouse anymore. So this works with mouse but does not work with touch.

How to make draggable work with touch in Chrome and MSIE 10?


Chrome on Windows 7 doesn't yet support touch events

However in Chrome 20+ you can navigate to experimental chrome://flags and turn on 'Enable touch events' to get TouchStart/Move/End events firing, but it does seem to break other behaviour like pinch zoom and finger scrolling.

With this flag disabled, TouchStart/End are misfiring due to this bug in Chrome

If you are looking for "swipe" events, take a look at jQuery++ library. take a look at the link I provided for a demo.

jQuery.event.swipe adds support for swipe motions providing the delegatable swipeleft, swiperight, swipedown, swipeup and swipe events:

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