Is there a function like isdate() for datetime2?

I know there is a function called isdate() to validate datetime columns, but it works only for the smalldatetime and datetime types. The question is: is there a similar way to validate the new data type datetime2 in sql server 2008 and 2012?


In SQL Server 2012, you can use TRY_CONVERT:

 SELECT TRY_CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2012-02-02 13:42:55.2323623'),
        TRY_CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2012-02-31 13:42:55.2323623');


 2012-02-02 13:42:55.2323623    NULL


 SELECT TRY_PARSE('2012-02-02 13:42:55.2323623' AS DATETIME2),
        TRY_PARSE('2012-02-31 13:42:55.2323623' AS DATETIME2);

(Same results.)

Sorry that I don't have a clever answer for you for < 2012. You could, I guess, say

 SELECT ISDATE(LEFT('2012-02-02 13:42:55.2323623', 23);

But that feels dirty.

TRY_CONVERT documentation on MSDN TRY_PARSE documentation on MSDN

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