JSON parsing in web socket server

I have created my web socket server and client using this simple tutorial here : http://cjihrig.com/blog/creating-your-own-node-js-websocket-echo-server/

But it seems like it recognises only UTF-8 characters. I want to send JSON message in the text box:

var jsonString = JSON.stringify({"fname":"John","lname":"Smith"})

and in ws_server.js file, I have written

connection.on('message', function(message) {  
var jObject = JSON.parse(message); 
jObject.lname = "Jobs";  

But I am getting error for JSON.parse method.

Please let me know what is the problem. Or do I have to write any new server implementation for JSON parsing or JSON messages?

This is my client code: http://cjihrig.com/blog/creating-your-own-websocket-echo-client/ but value of "text" is modified to be as follows: jsonmsg = {fname:"John",lname:"Smith"} jsonString = JSON.stringify(jsonmsg); So socket.send(jsonString);

Thanks Sneha


Have you tried:

socket.json.send( { fname : 'John', lname : 'Smith'} );

var jsonString = {"fname":"John","lname":"Smith"}

does not create a string; it creates an object. To make it a string:

var jsonString = JSON.stringify({"fname":"John","lname":"Smith"})

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