AnythingSlider - changing width via CSS causes slider to collapse or not display properly in Safari & Chrome

I am re-writing my question based on new data:

I'm using the AnythingSlider to organize a single-page site into content panels.

The slider works, with all the defaults settings, in Safari/Chrome and FF. I restyled the navigation and a few aesthetic details, and the slider still works perfectly in all three browsers (I haven't checked IE yet). As soon as I change the width, however, the entire slider disappears in Safari & Chrome. It looks great in FF!

I feel like I've tested it upside-down and sideways and no matter what I do, the moment I bump the width to 1000px, it disappears.

Here are things I've tried:

  • Adding a container div (wrapping the slider ul), setting its width to 1000px, and setting my slider ul to 100%.
  • Setting the slider ul width and leaving all the panels at width: 100%;
  • Setting the slider ul width AND all of the relevant interior items (panels, content div)
  • Setting the width and height for all of my images

Since it seems to all boil down to the width attribute, I won't bother posting the code, but please let me know if you'd like to see any of it anyhow! I feel like this must be very simple and I'm just missing what's in front of my nose...any help or ideas are hugely appreciated!


Resolved! I am assuming because I seem to be the only one with this issue that it has something to do with the setup of other divs on the site, but here's what I did to fix the issue:

Change this:

/* Overall Wrapper */
.anythingSlider {
display: block;
overflow: visible !important;
position: relative;

To use position: absolute instead.

I realized the issue when I inspected the divs in Safari and found the slider positioned normally, but the panel window ducking off the screen by about 400px. Anyhow--the behavior was strange (and specific to the webkit browsers) and I couldn't find a really logical reason for Safari to do it, but this workaround seems perfectly valid and now everything looks great in FF, Safari, and Chrome. On to IE!

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