SQL query to search several rows with same id field but different parameter field

I feel that this should be simple, but I'm stuck. This is what I have in my DB

id   field_value
41   Blue
42   Blue
43   Blue
43   Sweet
46   Blue   
47   Sweet

I need to select fields that only have $colour = blue AND $taste = sweet. Basically I need to get the id of 43 because it has both Blue and Sweet. How can I do that?


You would usually test it like this:

select id
  from table1
 where field_value in ('Blue', 'Sweet')
 group by id
having count (distinct field_value) = 2

= 2 is number of items in in () list.

Check out the test @ Sql Fiddle.

If I understand correctly; Something like this:

$colour = (!isset($_GET['colour']) || empty($_GET['colour'])) ? '' : $_GET['colour'];
$taste = (!isset($_GET['taste']) || empty($_GET['taste'])) ? '' : $_GET['taste'];

$query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE (parameter = '$colour') AND (parameter = '$taste')";

Use a query within a query. Something like;

FROM table
WHERE field_value = 'Blue'
id IN (SELECT id
    FROM table
    WHERE field_value = 'Sweet')

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