How to start and stop function using getter and setter?

In .h file

@interface ViewController : UIViewController {
            @private int intVariable1;
    @property (readwrite,assign) int iVar;


In .m file

@implementation ViewController
@synthesize iVar=intVariable1;

        NSLog(@”Callme called”);

        intVariable1 = inIVar;
        [self Callme];

I have implement this code to call "Callme" function when the variable state changes, But when i call the function setIVar in viewDid load it does not work, Any idea of calling this? Way i used to call

[self setIVar:3];


If you want to provide your own implementation for getter/setter functions do not use the @synthesize directive in your implementation! This will generate its own -(void)setIVar:(int)inIVar and -(int)iVar methods and these might hide your version. In turn, if you want a readwrite property, you'll also have to implement the getter i.e. -(int)iVar.

Simple remove the @synthesize iVar=intVariable1; line from your implementation and put implement also -(int)iVar.

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