White flash/blink on hover with Chrome

I have a rather strange problem on a site I designed. Every time you hover in or out of a link, the link element and in some cases its parent flashes white quickly. This happens on every link, not just the ones with transition effect or different hover color. On FF, everything works just fine. Also the white is not the bgcolor of body.

What makes it even more mysterious is that I haven't done any changes to the site. I only updated Chrome..

I would post an image too but as I am a new user I'm not allowed to, gotta do it as a link: http://www.planetoidi.com/temp/hover.jpg


This is caused by a large class of bugs in Chrome which show a flash (white or black, depending on the bug) when transitioning to or from accelerated rendering. This can happen on hover when there is a CSS transition from the non-hover state.

A workaround is to ensure that the base state of the element is using accelerated rendering. One way is to add the following rule for your element (without the :hover selector):

-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

Source: http://www.sitepoint.com/fix-chrome-animation-flash-bug/

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