scrolling using UIScrollview in a particaular path?

I need to implement scrolling like Is it possible to customize UIScrollView like in the link or any other way to implement? Edit : That is instead of moving scrollview linearly while scrolling, I want the scrollview to move along a particular path(like Bazier curve) while scrolling

Thanks, Chandan


I have done customized scrolling in scrollViewDidScroll, that is instead of changing y linearly i have changed y like bazier path using equation.

You can achieve this using the CAKeyframeAnimation and animating the scrollview offset (on a large scrollview canvas) for particular key paths at fixed key times.

You might want to dig in the CAKeyframeAnimation Class Reference.

Here's a small tutorial on how custom key paths can be achieved in an animation . You could do it the similar way by animating the contentOffset property of a large UIScrollView.

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