How to get the current URL after a redirect in a Symfony2 WebTestCase?

Using the Symfony2 WebTestCase, I have the following test :

$client->request('GET', '/');
$this->assertTrue($client->getResponse() instanceof RedirectResponse);

$crawler = $client->followRedirect();

I would like to test the new url, after the redirection ends with /login but I have found no way to access the new URL.


You can get the current URL with $client->getResponse()->headers->get('location'), and assert it ends with /login using assertRegExp().

$this->assertRegExp('/\/login$/', $client->getResponse()->headers->get('location'));

Just tried Samy Dindane solution without success (maybe something changed from 2.0)

Anyway, in 2.1, I was able to retrieve current URL in test with:


Then, you can use assertRegexp().

You can also do something like this (Symfony 2.3)


You can add this row $client->getResponse()->getTargetUrl() before $client->followRedirect() to get the url where you will be redirected

Test redirect from /sample to /target (can be absolute url as well)

$crawler = $client->request('GET', '/sample');

$this->assertTrue($client->getResponse() instanceof RedirectResponse);

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