xcode build failed no explanation

My project has weirdly started failing with no error messages. Ive tried cleaning the project and this had no effect. I know this is all a bit vague but i havent done anything to revert or undo. its just randomly started to happen. Can anyone suggest a way of debugging what the problem is?



Have you tried clearing the derived data (Organizer->Projects / cmd + shift + 2) and then cleaning (cmd+shift+K)?

Maybe closing xCode and rebooting?

I've had it a few times and this worked for me sometimes.

I had the same issue. If you're using non-arc code in arc project, make sure you added "-fno-objc-arc" flags to .m files. instruction

I needed to re-clone my git repository to see what the build issue actually was. In my case the build issue was related to a dev provisioning profile that was no longer valid. I was able to correct this easily and the build properly.

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