how to generate a pdf file of an html page through java script programming

In my html5 hybrid iPad application i am generating a report in one of the pages . What i want is to generate a PDF file of that report and save it in ipad.Please help me with this. I am using JavaScript and mobile jQuery for this.


It is highly inefficient to do this client-side(via Javascript). You should consider doing it server-side(using PHP, ASP/.NET or such). PHP uses a service called iTextSharp for this, PHP uses DOMPDF.

If you want to it with Javascript, is the best tool you will find! It uses the DOM style to generate an image. The only thing you need to do is then wrap it in a PDF. Have a look at their examples! For example:

You can use an open-source library for generating PDF documents, I have already use this library and works fine:

Try it, I hope that is what you want

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