Convert JUnit test case to Selenium IDE html file?

I have learnt how to export Selenium IDE html file to JUnit.

But if I make a change to the JUnit test - is there a way I can convert the Junit test to Selenium IDE html file so that even if I run the test from IDE the new change is recorded?

What is the best practice for such scenarios?

Note: (2nd user#Manii88), I am also facing the same issue...THough it might be an old question, it is still not solved yet...I find this question compelling because, say for example, I am in middle of some test, which i have exported from selenium ide and modified in Selenium Webdriver, eclipse, to check the viability of test cases and handling of popups...then, i want to continue my test case in ide...till the step completed, i want to proceed quickly and then, the next step, i will continue recording...

Hope this makes the scenario clear...Any answers???



Though it's not always possible, you may try the below steps to achieve it to some extent:

  1. Install the latest Selenium IDE (or at least >= 1.6)
  2. Open Selenium IDE
  3. Options Menu > Format > JUnit 4 (Webdriver backed) [or use the same option here which was used while exporting html to JUnit]
  4. Dismiss the warning dialog
  5. Go to the Source tab, and paste your JUnit code
  6. Change the format again back to HTML by selecting Options > Format > HTML
  7. Dismiss the warning dialog
  8. Switch (back) to Table tab to see your latest changes

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