Hide SSID from google and youtube?

Seems like google and youtube detect your location via SSID that is attached to every packet sent from your Wi-Fi network. I tried using VPN but it didnt hide the SSID, then i tried using VPN + SOCKv5 but it didnt hide the SSID. Then i simply tried let-me-thru.com and it hide my location from google just fine lol.

I am very confused, someone can explain me why is that ? Also can someone recommend me VPN service that hides your SSID please ?

Thanks in advance.


If you're really paranoid, don't use wireless networking.

But what makes you think that SSID is sent over the internet? And even if it were (which it is not), you could just change it and there would be no way to know its location.

Perhaps you meant 'IP', which can e used to find your rough location? You cannot spoof your source IP. A decent proxy will hide it, however.

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