Can we change Android source code using Android NDK..?

I am having a requirement like to add a custom setting to android native settings(like when we go to Home->settings->Display we have Screen timeout,Animation,Auto-rotate screen,Brightness settings available.But i want to add one more setting like auto-screentimeout there.i,e i need to change the source code of android..some thing related to forked android consept)so,Is this possible..?if so can we use NDK for this... Thanks in advance...


You can download the Android source code and then create your own settings APK. However it will probably only run on the phone you are testing it, and I assume you run into problems when using different Android versions or some modifications by device manufacturers.

Read more on how to get started.

Alternatively you could extract the settings APK from your current phone, decompile it with apktools, and then re-create it again with your changes.


In both ways you need to have root access to install the new APK... and probably a custom recovery to restore from a nandroid backup when your modification crashes!

The Android NDK is for writing application code in C or C++.

What you want is to build your own version of the Android firmware; it is a completely separate issue. Have a look at this for starters.

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