How to suspend and resume an ASIHttpRequest for upload (not for download)?

In my code, I am sending an ASIHTTPRequest, in which I am sending the file as an NSData object. I have to provide the options of suspend and resume for the upload of a file. Is there any way to do that? I found the code for resume of download, but it can not be used for upload.

If it is not possible using ASIHTTPRequest, then is there any way to do that using NSURLRequest or in any other way in Cocoa for Mac OS X app (not for iPhone).



Quoting Yahia's comment as this is the correct answer:

IIRC POST doesn't support suspend and resume (according to HTTP standard)... this means that this is "non-standard" in which case I could only speculate and you are better off checking the documentation of that server on how to implement it

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