Multiplying doubles in java?

I'm trying to multiply the same double (square it) but the number comes out wrong. When i display the double by itself the number is correct but when i multiply it by itself it comes up with the wrong number. I already tried using the math.pow function and got the same result.

    Double height=Double.parseDouble(myPrefs.getString("Heightent",""))*.0254;
    Double bmi = (height*height);

Height is entered in a different activity in inches. When i display height in a text box it comes out to be the right number. For example, Heightent entered is 74 and 1.8796 is displayed when i put height in a textview. Butwhen I use the code above the number 16 is displayed in TextView dbmi. Any help?


Check out this great post by Stephen C.

It should provide everything you need. He suggests that if you need to work with big numbers that you use the BigDecimal class

I tried both

    Double height=Double.parseDouble("74")*.0254;
    Double bmi = (height*height);
    System.out.println("first " + bmi);

      double temp = height.doubleValue()*.0254;
      bmi = (temp*temp);
      System.out.println("Second " + bmi);

and on Calc

and got same every where.....

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