MVC 4 Project - Modal Popup's

I have a MVC 4 project I am currently working on and need some advice on how to implement modal popups, preferably in jQuery.

For instance, on my view I have a zip code text box, with a lookup button next to it. The user can enter in the zip code directly, or click the lookup button. If the user clicks the button, I want to have a modal popup where the user can enter in a city and state and get a list of zip codes, select one, and then have that value posted to the zip code box on the original form.

This is just one example, I have more on that view, but this is the easiest to explain.

Anyone have any tips, links, or example code?

Thanks in advance on any help.


how to implement modal popups, preferably in jQuery.

Generally jQuery dialog with modal : true and handled beforeClose is what you want

     modal: true,
     beforeClose: function(event, ui) { ... }

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