How to convert JSON array to HTML table

I have the following function in a PHP script, which returns and API call:

if (in_array((int)$result['code'], array(200, 201))) {
 } else {
    print("error parsing result");

$presult displays raw data in the following format:

    [contacts] => Array
            [users] => Array
                    [0] => Array
                            [first_name] => Peter
                            [last_name] => Parker

I want to print this array in an HTML table with columns serial no., First name, Last


I guess the array index is the serial number, so you can do this:

echo '<table>
   <th>Serial Number</th>
   <th>First name</th>
   <th>Last name</th>

foreach($presult['contacts']['users'] as $number => $user){
   echo '<tr>
            <td>' . $number . '</td>
            <td>' . $user['first_name'] . '</td>
            <td>' . $user['last_name'] . '</td>

echo '</table>';

And don't forget to escape the HTML output if required.

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