MVC3, Spark View Engine: The type or namespace name 'Mvc' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Web'

I'm getting this error when I try to use access an ASP.NET MVC3 application using the Spark View Engine published to my local IIS 7 server. I've looked at this answer and have already followed that advice, but I still get problems. I also tried changing the Copy Local setting to true for the Microsoft.Web.Mvc DLL. I never get this error with the Visual Studio debug server. Republishing sometimes makes the error go away, but it comes back.

Where should I start looking to get rid of this problem?


<!-- At the end of my Web.config: -->
    <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
            <assemblyIdentity name="System.Web.Mvc" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" />
            <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />

edit: For clarity, the IIS server that I'm trying to deploy to is on my development machine.

edit: My _global.spark looks something like this:

<use namespace="System.Collections.Generic"/>
<use namespace="System.Web.Mvc.Html"/>
<use namespace="System.Web.Mvc"/>
<use namespace="System" />
<use namespace="System.Linq" />
<use namespace="Namespace.For.Some.Code" />
<use namespace="Namespace.For.Some.More.Code" />
<use namespace="Namespace.For.Yet.Some.More.Code" />
<use namespace="Microsoft.Web.Mvc" />
<use namespace="Namespace.For.Still.More.Code" />

<!-- Added after suggested answer -->
<use assembly="Microsoft.Web.Mvc"/>

<global type="string" Title="'title of my app'" />
<global type="SomeDomainObject" SomeVariable="Utilities.ApplicationUtilities.GetSomeDomainObject" />


Have you referenced MVC from your /Shared/_global.spark file?

You can see the details in this answer

Alternatively you can add the namespaces to your SparkSettings when you register the ViewEngine. This is what mine looks like:

var settings = new SparkSettings()

Hope that helps, Rob

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