Can databinding in WPF be done simply with a dataview like in winforms?

Short and simple question. In Winforms you can bind a dataview to a combobox or some other control by simply:

combobox.DataSource = dataview
combobox.DisplayMember = "Something"

In WPF I've generally done databinding using an ObservableCollection and edits to the xaml. Is there a way to quickly do it, like the above?

Edit: This seems to be the simplest/quickest thing I can come up with, anything inherently wrong with it?

combobox.ItemSource = dataview
combobox.DisplayMemberPath = "Something"


You can set binding programmatically, although, per my understanding of the MVVM pattern, the best practice is to set binding in the View (xaml) not the ViewModel or View code-behind.

How to set binding programmatically:

Binding myBinding = new Binding("Name");
myBinding.Source = dataview // data source from your example

combobox.DisplayMemberPath = "Something"
combobox.SetBinding(ComboBox.ItemsSourceProperty, myBinding);

With this, when your dataview is updated, the updates will be shown in your ComboBox.

You can do this:

List<Person> someListOFPersons = new List<Person>();
comboBox.DataContext = someListOfPersons;
comboBox.DisplayMemberPath = "FirstName";

You will not see changes in the collection. So if a person is added to or removed from the list the combobox will not see it.

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