Instagram recent tag

So I'm working with the Instagram API and using the recent tag call. The problem is I just want photos from today. I looked through the docs and the only parameters you can pass to the api are max_tag_id and min_tag_id. What would be the best method to insure I only get pics from today and not have to save every max_id to reference in my next call?


If I understand your question correctly, you can provide a timestamp range according to the API Documentation. Alternatively, you can just accept everything the API call returns and use a little logic on your end to filter the results. Can you show us your code and what the API reply looks like, so we can provide better guidance?

They way I fixed this was to not supply a min or max ID. Supplying these IDs will iterate through the most recent tag's 'pagination', not supplying them will bring back the most recent tags.

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