#Updating Registry Permissions

Updating Registry Permissions

$RegistryAcl = Get-Acl "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\eventlog\LynxGate"
$RuleObject = @{
TypeName = "system.security.AccessControl.RegistryAccessRule"(
ArgumentList = “CATApplication","FullControl","Allow")
$RegistryRule = New-Object $RuleObject
$RegistryAcl.SetAccessRule ($RegistryRule)
$RegistryAcl | Set-Acl -path $RegistryAcl.path

Im getting a problem with my powershell script, can anyone give some insight on my issue. Im trying to add a new user called CATApplication with Full Access to premissions. But im getting a error.


It seems you forgot to ask a question, Chris. However, I see a problem here:

$RegistryRule = New-Object $RuleObject

should be

$RegistryRule = New-Object @RuleObject

as it looks like you mean to splat the hashtable to new-object.

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