Is there a barcode recognition framework for Cocoa (OS X)?

Is there a framework or other sample code for doing barcode recognition (create and scan) on cocoa [OS X]?


You have to use a third-party framework for that.

For example, you can use:

  • ZXing. Note that the 1D code is not stabilized, so you probably will have to dig into the code.
  • ZBar. Seems to be a very capable library.

A simple Google search or StackOverflow search can help you too.

This here creates 2D barcodes for both mac and iphone: Cocoa Barcodes

Since macOS 10.10 you can use a CIFilter to read QRCodes without the need for any third-party framework:

Here's the link to the official docs, and to a blog post that shows how to use it.

You will get lots of answers here:

How can I scan barcodes on iOS?

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