Display the photos as on Google+

I'm currently working on a gallery to my photos. Besides some bugs, I'm finished with the gallery but I want to add a new and fresh theme to the front page. I'm very in love with how Google+ shows the photos and I'm asking you now, how can I add this effect for my list of photos in my own gallery?

Thanks in advance.


It appears they are using divs for rows and sub-divs for columns. You could, dynamically or statically, determine which of these formats you will have for the row:

[    ][  ]
[    ][  ]
[    ]====
[    ][  ]
[   ][   ]
[   ][   ]

From there style the rows and columns as { float: left } and make images { width: 100% }. Here is a tutorial on infinite scrolling image galleries: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/how-to-create-an-infinite-scroll-web-gallery/ and you could just fade in images as you display them.

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