CakePHP, JQuery .load a controller function

I'm having a little trouble getting Jquery to play nice with cakephp and I'm not really sure what the problem is.

view file, View/Members/index.ctp


      $("#place").load('/member/jax', function(){
        alert("load successful");


<div id="place"></div>

Controller file Controller/MembersController

public function jax() {
  echo "<p>TESTTHIS</p>";

and for completeness

Test element /View/Elements/test.ctp

<b>test element</b>

When I click on the div I get the "load successful" popup, but I do not get the "


that I expect the controller to print out, nor do I get the "test element" from the render.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Thanks.


you can try with following:


Conventionally controller in CakePHP call with plural name. So, I think it should members not member.

If you want to load the complete controller with view then print the URL of your controller and view in .load() through PHP

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