Eclipse launch shortcuts for debug history

The Run > Debug History menu item in Eclipse (Helios) contains a MRU list of debug history. These items are numbered from 1 to N suggesting that there is probably some keyboard shortcut or keyboard sequence I should be able to enter to relaunch a previous program but I cannot figure out what they might be. Specifically, if I want to relaunch the debug history item number 2, what must I type to use this feature?

I know that there is the Window > Preference > General > Key settings page which lists the "Debug Android Application binding "Alt+Shift_A, D". This seems like exactly what I want but I can't seem to use it or rebind it to some custom key combination that works for me. Please tell me how to most easily relaunch Android apps in the debugger?


One alternative is to use the accelerator keys to navigate the menu.

On my computer it is:

Alt + R, H, Number

Alt+R gets you to get to Run menu, then H for Debug History, then one of the numbered alternatives.

To make a run configuration always be visible in the Debug or Run history menus one can do the following:

Select the Run menu → Run Configurations[some config]Common, then check Display in favourites box.

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