iOS App Crashing Before Running

I was working on my app and it was running fine. I made some small changes to the code (which I have since undone to test if they were to blame) and it's started crashing on running. It appears to be crashing before even running my code or loading view in the thread

The debugger breaks here

0x3619a324:  mov    r12, #328
0x3619a328:  svc    #128
0x3619a32c:  blo    0x3619a344               ; __pthread_kill + 32
0x3619a330:  ldr    r12, [pc, #4]
0x3619a334:  ldr    r12, [pc, r12]
0x3619a338:  b      0x3619a340               ; __pthread_kill + 28
0x3619a33c:  stceq  p12, c9, [lr, #896]
0x3619a340:  bx     r12                      
0x3619a344:  bx     lr  

At the line

0x3619a32c:  blo    0x3619a344               ; __pthread_kill + 32

I thought it might be something in the code I changed I missed so I pulled a version from a month ago backed up off-site which is the IDENTICAL code that is in use for the current version on App Store but it crashes at the same place.

It must be something to do with the iPhone itself as both versions of the code run fine in iPhone Simulator.


Have you tried rebooting your iPhone? I find that sometimes you need to do that when when you get weird crashes. Not much of a real answer, but you didn't mention that you rebooted the device or not.

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