Android: Count interval of MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE?

I want my Views to move horizontally in tandem with our finger moving. Please imagine something like iOS home menu or Photos (the pre-installed galley app); if you slide your forefinger, the stuff on the screen also slide. I couldn't find the same function in Android libraries, so I just implemented it myself, but...

The animation isn't that smooth!

That's understandable, since the location values I get by


are a bit too rough, so my TranslateAnimation is also rough...

Is there any way I can change the interval of MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE to get more fine location values? (Or alternatively, could I "blur" my TranslateAnimation?)


ViewPager may be what you are looking for.

Also see the Developers blog entry Horizontal View Swiping with ViewPager

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