Open struts2-jquery dialog when a textfield is focused

I'm using the struts2-jquery plugin. I have a < sj:dialog > that contains a textfield. I want that textfield to launch another dialog box when focused. This new dialog box should also be rendered as an < sj:dialog > tag. What's the best solution for this task?


May be you can try to use a <sj:textfield> and its onFocusTopics attribute to fire the focus event, so that the <sj:dialog> with the same topic in its openTopics would then open.

BTW you could not use .dialog() because struts2jquery uses requirejs to retrieve the required js library at runtime only if these's existing sj components on your page.

You can overcome it by including a dummy <sj:dialog> in your page, setting it's display style to none.

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