Matching characters in a string based on its position

I'm curious if it is possible to get some help building a regEx that can check for matches of letter placement against incoming strings. For instance, lets say I had 'f' in the first character, 'o' in the second and so on... then validate that as I loop strings.

Hopefully this makes sense! Please let me know if you need any more details! Thanks!

ps. This is all in plain ol' ASCII.


To be more clear about the character position matching, for instance, if I had a pattern of:

- e - p

I'd like to be able to have the string of 'derp' match as true (since it's hitting the second and fourth characters).


any word character

*e?p -> \w+e\wp

or any aplha

*e?p -> [a-z]+e[a-z]p

and for 4 characters

any word character

?e?p -> \we\wp

or any aplha

?e?p -> [a-z]e[a-z]p


Use the above patterns to create more specific matches where * and ? are dos like. For example:

mis?i?n -> mis[a-z]i[a-z]n

*i?n -> [a-z]+i[a-z]n

The first one will match "mission" and the second one will match "mission" and "passion" and "fashion"...

Change your hyphens to dots:


A dot means match any character apart from new line.

this is possibly the fifth easiest regex to construct. If you want to match a specific string in positions 0 through 4 (say) of an input string and the letters you want to match are 'abcde', then the following regex does the trick:


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