Is it possible to iterate through all nodes with py2neo

Is there a way to iterate through every node in a neo4j database using py2neo?

My first thought was iterating through GraphDatabaseService, but that didn't work. If there isn't a way to do it with py2neo, is there another python interface that would let me?

Edit: I'm accepting @Nicholas's answer for now, but I'll update it if someone can give me a way that returns a generator.


I would suggest doing that with asynchronous Cypher, something like:

    from py2neo import neo4j, cypher

    graph_db = neo4j.GraphDatabaseService()

    def handle_row(row):
        node = row[0]
        # do something with `node` here

    cypher.execute(graph_db, "START z=node(*) RETURN z", row_handler=handle_row)

Of course you might want to exclude the reference node or otherwise tweak the query.


One of two solutions come to mind. Either do a cypher query

START n=node(*) return n

The other, and I'm not familiar with python so I'm going to give the example in Java is

which is the way the the old deprecated graphDatabaseService.getAllNodes() recommends.

For newer versions of py2neo the accepted version no longer works. Instead use:

from py2neo import Graph

graph = Graph("http://user:pass@localhost:7474/db/data/")

for n in"START z=node(*) RETURN z"):
    //do something with node here
    print n

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