usb debugging not connected to pc

I have android device its samsung galaxy GT-S5300 and version is 2.3.6. I want to connect my device with computer for running the apps directly to device via eclipse.

I have installed the samsung kies on my system and i did the following setting on my phone but I could not get connected with pc for debugging mode(Developing). But the sd card is mounted to pc.

1)Setting -> Application -> UnKnown sources ->enabled the option.

2)Setting -> Application -> Development-> USB debugging ->enabled the option. But still not connected my device with pc for debugging mode.

How to get connected the device with pc for USB debugging mode?


Hey murali_ma,

             Do this...

1. Open command prompt and type adb kill-server
2. then again type adb start-server
3. then adb install path of apk

i am sure you will get the success.

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