R.drawable cannot resolve image

I have checked a lot of questions on stackoverflow and I seem to have all the correct things but my R.drawable wont detect my image. It is in /res/drawable and in all the other folders (mdpi, hdpi etc.)

    ShipImage = context.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.player);

And here is my R.java

        public static final class drawable {
        public static final int background=0x7f020000;
        public static final int buttons=0x7f020001;
        public static final int dead=0x7f020002;
        public static final int enemy=0x7f020003;
        public static final int ic_launcher=0x7f020004;
        public static final int play_btn=0x7f020005;
        public static final int player=0x7f020006;


Are you sure You import import com.yourcompanyname.product.R ?

instead of

import android.R;

import com.yourcompanyname.product.R differs from import android.R

First is your project R file, that is generated by SDK.

import android.R is built-in R file, that is provided by Android.

Make sure your image is png. Also check that you have saved the layout where you have to inflate the image.

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