What are good candidate templating languages that are customizable and can be made simple for end-users?

I want to have a flexible templating language that I can customize for a specific use case, and also make it simple enough for non-programmers to use. I looked at Cheetah; does anyone have any others and/or any thoughts on customization? Python would be great, but other language-implementations are also OK.


Jija2 is a templating library that I find easy to use

See: http://jinja.pocoo.org/docs/

See a previous SO question: What is the fastest template system for Python?

I like wheezy.template since it looks very similar to my python code. Its syntax is compact, expressive and clean. I was able to start right after a quick look at example. It amazing how intuitive it is. In addition it is fast.

Need Your Help

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