creating web service for querying TFS

I have been tasked with creating a web service(usingVS2010) to query TFS (2010) by the workitem number. The user would access the web service, then type in the workitem number and project name and hit a go button. This would call the web service, retrieve the title, and description and display it for the user on a seperate application. So starting this process I thought I would create a simple console application that does the same thing. I was able to connect to the server and I am able to see the collection of project that exists. What I am looking for is some help in querying the Server so that I can type in a number and get a response in my console. Does anyone have any examples, or direction or websites? While I wait for an answer I will be searching the web. Thanks in advance.


You'll want to use the TFS SDK to query work items programmatically.

Ewald Hoffman has posted an excellent example of how to get a work item by ID:

  1. Part One discusses how to get connected to your server
  2. Part Two shows how to query for a work item by ID.

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